How to enjoy our lechon

To best enjoy General’s Lechon, it is recommended to:


1.)Crisscross the skin

While many would mix the skin with the meat, the crispiness of the skin will be compromised, diluting a significant part of the General’s Lechon experience. It is recommended to serve the skin separately or, better yet, grab a piece straight from the lechon

2.) Grab the ribs

General’s Lechon recommends taking a slab or a piece of the rib and use your hands to eat the meat.


3.) Fork the Belly

Dig in straight at the belly! This is the portion that contains the most flavor and the most tender part of the lechon. Here, you will get to experience a greater burst of flavors from General’s Lechon’s mix of herbs and spices.

4.) Tear the ears

With its crispy skin and chewy cartilage, General’s Lechon guarantees that you will enjoy this delectable feast like never before

5.) Dice the back and legs

Usually reserved for latecomers, General’s Lechon made sure that the white meat will be as tasty as the rest of the meat. Grab a portion and enjoy!